Rumor Mill – Pardot Dreamforce 15

Dreamforce 15 is just around the corner and rumors are running around about what’s next for Pardot. I know that most of the users I’ve meet jokingly call Pardot, the Black Sheep of the Salesforce family.

Why you may ask? Well, that would have to do with the fact that it’s been awhile since the product has had a major upgrade. They do work on user requested features and add them through out the year, but not as many as the users would like.  Most of the users don’t know what’s on the roadmap for the year mostly because they don’t publicize it widely. The excuse seems to be that the Salesforce team has been a little busy working on major upgrades and UI design for Marketing Cloud, which for those of you who don’t know use to be Exact Target, a B2C marketing automation tool. Or so I’ve heard.

Let’s go through a little history of how Pardot became apart of the Salesforce family.  It’s been a long road of acquisition for this little marketing automation tool and it’s users. It started with Pardot being acquired by Exact Target in 2012 and then Exact Target being acquired by Salesforce in 2013. Rumor is that Exact Target wanted to be acquired by Salesforce and purchased Pardot to ensure their end goal.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel this year since Exact Target has been upgraded and rebranded. Now it’s time for Pardot. I know that I’m excited to see what will be announced this year at Dreamforce since there are more the 50 sessions for Pardot users at the conference this year.  Can we say Black Sheep no more?

Here is what I think/hope will be announced for Pardot feature upgrades in the near future.

  1. Better integration between Pardot and Salesforce – one lead database
  2. Drip Campaign – UI changes and advance setup
  3. Enhanced/Better Reporting
  4. Campaigns 1:1 instead 1:2 relationship
  5. More options with automation rules

What do you think is in store for Pardot this year? Let us know.

Going to Dreamforce this year? Here are a couple of Pardot links about sessions at Dreamforce 15. Enjoy!